Detroit vs. Everybody. Suspension coming for Killian Hayes? What says Joe D?

I have a bad feeling about the fracas. IIRC Joe Dumas is in charge of NBA discipline. He's going to have to show the league that he's not biased for the Pistons. So I expect him to go hard on Killian. Hamidou maybe not so much, probably just fined. The NBA cares nothing about the Pistons so expect the worst. DvE...

I read the two articles on the Orlando site, and neither author seemed surprised that Wagner started the altercation or that the Pistons retaliated. Guess they're just used to Mo's tactics.

As far as Killian is concerned. No he shouldn't have hit Wagner in the head from behind. BUT...Wagner was chippy all game and that shove into the bench was deliberate and a cheap shot. Killian had had enough and needed to defend himself in some manner. Killian lets this incident go and throughout the league he gets a reputation for being soft / a pushover (literally). Before long he'd be challenged routinely.

Think back about the Stew v. LeBron incident. Stew overreacted sure. And was suspended. But Stew sent a message to the league and no one has messed with him since. Killian sent a message also. That he won't stand for being abused. It's going to cost him money and probably games. But if the long term outcome is similar to Stew's it will be worth the price.

BTW - Mo Wagner should not get off scot-free. He should get equal to Killian for starting the mess.

BTW 2 - Loved seeing the Pistons in their 'road' blues. Been a LONG time since they wore them.

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