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Motor City Hoops Podcast ANNOUNCEMENT, MBIII Contract Details & All the NBA Trades

I am joined by Keith Smith of Spotrac to Discuss ALL of the NBA trades from Thursday

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On this episode of the Motor City Hoops podcast I am joined by Keith Smith, contributor at Spotrac, CelticsBlog and the FrontOfficeShow. Keith covers the NBA at large and I felt like he would be the perfect guest to break down every trade we saw at the NBA trade deadline. Keith is also your go-to source for NBA salary cap and contract information as we will get him to shed some light on Marvin Bagley III cap hold and other cap related issues.

We also drop some MAJOR news about the future of the MCH Podcast at the beginning of the episode.

We can not thank Laz, Ben and Sean Corp enough for the opportunity they gave the Motor City Hoops Podcast. Make sure you continue to listen to the DetroitBadBoys podcast every Monday AND check out the website.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this episode of Motor City Hoops!

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