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Motor City Hoops Podcast All Star Weekend Reaction w/Sham Mohile

I am joined by Sham Mohile of DetroitBadBoys to talk All Star Weekend and MORE

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On this episode of the Motor City Hoops podcast I am joined by Sham Mohile, contributor at DetroitBadBoys, and major Detroit Piston fan. Sham is a person I have got to know pretty well over the past couple of months and I was so excited to talk All Star Weekend and Detroit basketball with him. We do dive into the aforementioned All Start Weekend to start off the episode with a special emphasis on Cade, Bey, and Stewart. We also touch on what we saw pre ASB from a few members of the roster and what we would like to see going forward. We finish off the episode with another fun week of “Sheed” or “Sham”.

I can not thank Sean Corp, Lazarus Jackson, Ben Gulker, and all of enough for everything they have done for me and MCH. Make sure you continue to listen to Laz and Ben EVERY Monday morning! I also hope that you will follow me and MCH to our new podcast, THE PISTONS PULSE, with my new co-host Omari Sankofa II brought to you by The Detroit Free Press. The trailer and podcast feed for that is out and available on ALL podcast platforms!

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With that said, I hope you enjoy this episode of Motor City Hoops!