Bagley- the contract details/ questions

I've tried to research the details about the contract rules regarding this, but the articles are contradictory and don't seem well informed.

Here is my understanding:

- He's a restricted free agent with a current salary of $11,312,114

- His current salary exceeds the NBA's average- which matters for cap hold purposes (to be referenced later)

- He played 3+ seasons for the Kings, so his bird right's vested. With the trade, we inherit the bird rights, even though they are likely not going to be meaningful.

- In order to make a qualifying offer for him, there were two tiers, 1) $14,762,308 if he hit games started or minutes play thresholds, or 2) 50% of $14,762,308 = $7,381,154 if he didn't hit them. Since he's not going to hit the thresholds, the QO will have to be $7,381,154.

- Regardless of the QO amount, if we make him a QO, then the cap hold during FA will equal 250% of his current salary per the CBA rules. So, 2.5 x $11,312,114 = $28,280,285. [I've seen $14MM referenced in many articles, so maybe I'm missing something].

- If we make him the QO of $7,381,154 and no teams outbid us, then that will lock him in for exactly 1 year at that salary and then he will become an unrestricted free agent in 2023.

- If we make him the QO and another team outbids us, they could offer a one year contract for a higher amount or a multi-year contract, but that multi-year would have to have each year exceed the $7,381,154 level. In that scenario, we'd either pass or exercise our right of first refusal and lock him in for those same terms.

- If we don't make him a QO, then he immediately becomes a UFA and we are free to offer him whatever we want during the FA signing period, as long as it meets the minimum levels for his years of experience. For example, we could offer him a 3-year deal for $3MM/year.

- With our Cap space, we will need to sign our next draft pick, which could be in the $6MM-$8.5MM range depending on the pick that we get. We also need to exercise Hamidou Diallo's $5.2MM team option. Frank Jackson also has a $3,150,000 team option that we could exercise or not.


- how would Bagley's bird rights possibly play into any of this?

- If we gave Bagley the QO and had to take the cap hold, would we have enough space to even sign our next FRP and take the option on Hamidou? i.e. is making the QO even an option?

- If it didn't prevent us from signing our FRP and taking the option on Hamidou, would it completely kill our ability to shop in free agency?

- Would we want to make the QO and then potentially only have Bagley locked in for 1 season before he gets to become a UFA? i.e. would we really want him as a one-year rental that we showcase to the league?

- With all of this taken into account, what do we think that Weaver's strategy is? 1) just get to know Bagley and then pass on the QO and bid on him in FA with no RoFR, or 2) make the QO and then defend any higher offers up to some reserve level (which we wouldn't be privy to)?

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