Oscar Season At DBB!

I strongly encourage everyone to read Steve Pelletier's excellent article...

2022 NBA Draft: Big Board V. 1 at end of the college season

Where he states...

Also, my tiers are as follows: Game Changers, Solid Role Players with Plus Potential, Have at least ONE skill that can make them an NBA vet, Major Potential, Major Concerns, and Positive Contributor to the Rotation.
Steve, it's just like the Academy Awards!

Game Changer...IS EQUIVALENT TO...Best Actor and the Oscar goes to...Brad Pitt.

Solid Role Players with Plus Potential...IS EQUIVALENT TO...Best Supporting Actor and the Oscar goes to...Jude Law.

Have at least ONE skill that can make them an NBA vet...IS EQUIVALENT TO...Best Actor Who Was a Star 20 Years Ago and the Oscars go to...Russell Crowe & Nicholas Cage. A TIE!

Major Potential...IS EQUIVALENT TO...Rising Star Who Should Be Better Known and the Oscar goes to...Benedict Cumberbatch.

Major Concerns...IS EQUIVALENT TO...When This Guy Shows Up, Leave The Room (and the Oscar goes to...Mel Gibson).

Positive Contributor to the Rotation....IS EQUIVALENT TO...I'm In Every Other Film You See, But You Don't Know My Name and the Oscar goes to...Willem Dafoe.

Hope you enjoy!

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