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2022 NBA Draft: DBB Readers Big Board Vol. 1

More than 60 DBB readers filled out their own NBA Draft Lottery Big Board

Texas Tech v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Nearly one month ago, the Detroit Bad Boys staff came together to rank the top prospects in the upcoming 2022 NBA Draft. Each contributor’s personal Big Board of the NBA Draft lottery was weighted and then we aggregated the results together to create Vol. 1 of our DBB Big Board.

Importantly, that was before the start of March Madness — before conference tournament play and before the tournament itself.

The next logical step was to ask the same of DBB readers. Luckily, more than 60 of our fine readers answered the call — most also submitting before the tournament began. They filled out their personal big boards for the draft lottery and stated their case for their favorite players.

We will be releasing a volume 2 of each Big Board in the coming weeks leading up to the NBA Draft, but for now I present to you, the DBB Reader Big Board Volume 1.

  1. Jabari Smith
  2. Chet Holmgren
  3. Paolo Banchero
  4. Jaden Ivey
  5. AJ Griffin
  6. Shaedon Sharpe
  7. Johnny Davis
  8. Keegan Murray
  9. Benedict Mathurin
  10. Kendall Brown
  11. Jalen Duren
  12. TyTy Washington
  13. Tari Eason
  14. Mark Williams

The Top 5 is identical to the DBB staff Big Board — the wisdom of crowds or dangerous group think, you be the judge. The first divergence is at pick No. 6 where the DBB staff went with Bennedict Mathurin of Arizona while he fell to No. 9 on the reader board.

Here is some of what readers had to say about their favorite (and least favorite) prospects in this year’s draft:

Chet Holmgren

People want to find something wrong with him and his weight is an easy target but his plus rim defending and efficiency will ensure he’s a star for many years to come even if the body never develops. (erictwigs)

I rate Chet #1 for the impact he could have on the Pistons immediately. IF (a BIG if I know) Chet is the unicorn he’s projected to be, he covers more of the weaknesses the Pistons currently have than any other single player. He has major skills on both sides of the ball, while most of the other prospects mainly do one thing at a high level. Chet advances the Pistons furthest, fastest. Take this list with a huge grain of salt. I have little experience or judgement rating prospects for the draft. (Dave10.9mNofLCA)

Paolo Banchero

Banchero’s ability to self-create offense is fairly singular in this class, and is paired with solid passing traits in the post or off-the-dribble and blossoming outside shooting. Banchero is a mismatch masher inside, can drive them outside, has the juice to roll, and range to spot up, making him a nasty partner for a PnR manipulator like Cunningham. (Hal)

Needs the ball to be effective but unless the three ball develops *fast* won’t be efficient enough to justify having the ball that much. So that takes care of his offensive role, but he also doesn’t have a path to being a plus on defense in the modern NBA. (Me So Mahorny)

Jaden Ivey

Not Ja Morant by any means. More like Donovan Mitchell with more size and a less fluid jump shot. I think that’s a great backourt fit for Cade. One, extremely athletic, great in transition, while the other operates better when the defense is set. This selection conflicts with pursuing Brunson, who I’d personally like to sign, but Ivey’s star potential is still higher to me than most of the guys in this draft. (Andream)

Dyson Daniels

Watching Daniels in the Rising Stars game, he immediately made an impact and looked like he belonged on an NBA court with some of the game’s brightest young stars. He’s displayed solid decision-making, good size, and an all-around game that seems well-equipped to develop in the NBA. (daytwatone)

Wendell Moore

Wendell Moore is the most underrated prospect in the draft this year. Only 6 months older than Chet Holmgren despite 2 years more college experience, 6’5 with a 6’10 wingspan, efficient from 3 levels + the FT line, and a great passer. His best game this year was against a Florida State team that plays NBA-style defense and is full of long, athletic forwards year after year. While not the highest ceiling prospect out there, he’s worth a look at any point after the lottery in this year’s draft. (apexNBA)