2022 nba season awards

Most valuable player:

1. Jokic 2. Giannis 3. Embiid 4. Doncic 5. Curry 6. KD

Defensive player of the year:

1. Mikal Bridges 2. Bam Adebayo 3. Giannis 4. Gobert 5. R. Williams 6. Stewart

6th man of the year: I am not a fan of this category. How is playing 30 minutes off the bench vastly different from playing 30 minutes starting?

1. Herro? 2. whoever whatever don't make me research this one

Most improved player:

1. Garland 2. Bane 3. Poole 4. Maxey 5. Morant 6. D. Murray

Rookie of the year:

1. CADE CUNNINGHAM 2. Scottie Barnes 3. Franz Wagner 4. Evan Mobley 5.Jalen Green 6. Herb Jones

Coach of the year: 1. Casey 2. Spoelstra 3. Monty Williams 4. T. Jenkins 5. Kerr 6. Malone

Executive of the year: 1.Troy Weaver 2. Troy Weaver 3. Troy get the idea

My favourite Pistons of the year: 1. CADE 2.Saddiq 3. Kill 4. Stew 5. Kelly 6. Hami

My favourite non-Pistons of the year: 1. Jokic 2 .Curry 3. S. Adams 4. Doncic 5. KD 6. Mikal Bridges

Feel free to comment and share your winners!

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