RMMMD 2022 Team Assignments

Finally a close playoff game in the IRL NBA, at least so far tonight.

Self-explanatory; more to follow. Trade thread sometime Tuesday morning, so that everyone has time to remember they signed up.

Detroit Pistons: AYC1982

Cleveland Cavs: tnumerich

Chicago Bulls: RyanCaldwell

Milwaukee Bucks: Kevrog21

Indiana Pacers: Zero Darko Thirty

Washington Wizards: InAntWeTrust

Atlanta Hawks: Jason Speirs

Miami Heat: tnumerich

Orlando Magic: Andream

Charlotte Hornets: BlueCanti

Brooklyn Nets: KCP for three and it's through

Boston Celtics: Jason Speirs

New York Knicks: jonathan.onne

Philadelphia 76ers: majohnson19

Toronto Raptors: Lazarus Jackson

Sacramento KANGZ: AlexFigz

LA Clippers: dpvictory

LA Lakers: superbob_22

Phoenix Suns: AlexFigz

Golden State Warriors: ComradeLucky

San Antonio Spurs: Bfastofchampions

Houston Rockets: The_Weave

Dallas Mavs: Josh Abeare

Memphis Grizzlies: Kevrog21

New Orleans Pelicans: cg2498

Minnesota Timberwolves: De4our

OKC Thunder: Keith A.

Denver Nuggets: ScottFL

Portland Trail Blazers: Steve Pelletier

Utah Jazz: RipHamiltonTUR

More info in the comments here

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