4 team mock trade


Get: #12 pick(Thunder), Walker(Thunder) Favors(Thunder) and Brown(Blazers)

Give: Grant(Thunder), Olynyk(Blazers), Jackson(Magic) and #46 pick(Blazers)


Get: Lillard(Blazers), Grant(Pistons) and Bamba(Magic)

Give: #2 pick(Blazers), #12 pick(Pistons), #30 pick(Magic), Bazley(Magic) and Favors(Pistons)


Get: #2 pick(Thunder), Fultz(Magic), Olynyk(Pistons) and #46 pick(Pistons)

Give: Lillard(Thunder) and Brown(Pistons)


Get: #30 pick(Thunder), Bazley(Thunder) and Jackson(Pistons)

Give: Fultz(Blazers) and Bamba(Thunder)

I didn’t want to add this to the other trade threads because I honestly don’t know how it works.

Thoughts on if this could actually work? I’m sure cash and future considerations would be involved as well.

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