Detroit Pistons Big Board

So, how does your personnel Big Board in the upcoming Draft look like for our Detroit Pistons? I'll go seven deep, since it's the lowest we can fall with our own first rounder.

1. Smith - Nice shooting and great potential on defense.

2. Sharpe - Insane Athletisism, nice shooting stroke.

3. Holmgren - Concerns on his frame.

4. Banchero - Projects to not be a good defender.

5. Mathurin - 3&D with some upside.

6. Davis - 3&D

7. Ivey - Elite quickness, but small and uncontrolled. Not a distributor.

This cancels out Murray and Griffin who most see in the first half of the Lottery. Murray is 22 years old and small for a PF. With Griffin all I hear is he is a great Shooter. If he has defensive potential the I could see me put him into the Mathurin/Davis section in front of Ivey.

What's your Big Board look like?

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