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NBA Draft: If Chet, Jabari and Paolo are off the board, who should the Detroit Pistons draft?

If the Pistons get (un)lucky enough to draft at No. 4 in the upcoming NBA Draft, who would be your choice for the Detroit Pistons?

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Every Detroit Pistons fan wants a repeat of last season — the NBA Draft Lottery concluding with Ben Wallace holding up his index finger again with a scowl on his face showing the world that the Motor City has once gain received the first overall pick.

But, you know, lightening doesn’t strike twice. So in the absolutely unacceptable scenario that the Pistons do not get the first pick and instead fall all the way to the fourth selection, the choices get much more difficult.

If the top three picks go as predicted, with Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren and Jabari Smith Jr. falling off the board in some order, the question becomes who should the Pistons select at No. 4?

Luckily, our most recent survey allows Pistons fans to opine on just that scenario. We will know on NBA Draft Lottery Day (May 17) if it becomes a reality. Or if there is just a little more luck in Ben Wallace’s index finger.

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