That Time of Year Again (RMMMD preamble)

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For those unfamiliar, friend of the program Ryan Caldwell wrote the following explanatory note two "seasons" ago:

The Ron Marshall Memorial Mock Draft is an activity that honors one of the most beloved members of the DBB community. Ron Marshall was known for coming up with very complicated trades that actually worked. He also was a big part in making this activity what it is today. When it was first started, it was just going to be a mock draft. A handful of people, including him, asked for trades to be allowed. From there it sort of took on a life of its own. This will be year 6 of the activity, the 5th with it known as the RMMMD.

This will be first-come, first-serve. The teams will be randomly assigned.

The draft will occur 1 week after we begin to give people time to evaluate their needs, make trades, and gives time to people who may have not realized we began already. After the conclusion of the draft, we will move on to free agency where someone will represent the player's agent and negotiate with teams.

Sign up in the comments, and....expansion draft? Expansion draft! (We voted on this last year, it was a very close vote but y'all collectively voted it down.) The idea would be to add two teams. Since we no longer have the ability to attach a poll, I will start the comments with a yes/no to be rec'd.

More details here although it is unfortunate that the comments from that thread and others have been eradicated; that's where we were keeping our corporate knowledge.

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