A Blazers Fan Coming In Peace Regarding Jerami:

First things first: Please go sign up for the RMMMD if you think you can be active, it’s a blast every year.

Now with that out of the way, I want to start by saying that I don’t particularly want Jerami in Portland. His efficiency on volume has left some to be desired, his defense has at times been slightly overrated, and more than anything I have concern around the belief that he thinks of himself as a primary option and is in search of 28+ million per season.

However, I also acknowledge that Portland very likely has real interest in him and that him and Dame reportedly got along well during the Olympics. I was in favor of keeping the Pels pick rather than trading it for him when the belief was that it would land 10-12. I’m also not naive enough to think that there isn’t a non-zero chance that Portland pursues a Jerami trade using our pick at 6.

Which brings me to my point of posting; if Portland ends up with pick six or seven, do you (as individual Pistons fans) support the team trading Jerami for the pick? If so, would you even be willing to attach something(s) to Jerami to get the Portland first? If so, what?

I recently brought up #6, a couple insignificant 2nds (see, not our #36 this season) for Jerami and a lottery protected future first. A non Blazers fan friend responded with #6 for Jerami and Beef Stew. Thoughts on either idea?

Thanks y’all.

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