What's the plan?

What are the questions? I mean, what do the Pistons need to decide upon to improve. Here's my questions:

1. Do you pursue Deandre Ayton (C, Phoenix) in free agency?

2. Do you sign, or sign and trade Jerami Grant?

3. Do you trade Grant for another first round pick - especially if it's a top 10 pick?

4. How much is signing Marvin Bagley worth?

5. Is there a sign and trade market for Bagley?

6. How much is signing Hamidou Diallo worth?

7. Should Cory Joseph, Frank Jackson, or Luka Garza be offered contracts?

8. If you get the top pick, who do you want most? (Holmgren, Sharpe, or Smith?)

9. If you can draft Johnny Davis with an acquired draft pick, is he the best option?

10. Is Bagley the best 4 or back-up center option to target?

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