Pistons offseason predictions

Trying to predict what will happen this offseason.

-Keegan Murray at 5 as Jerami's replacement. This seems pretty likely if Sacramento doesn't select him.

-Jerami Grant and Kelly Olynyk for DeAndre Ayton and Dario Saric. Sign and trade giving Ayton the max. The Pistons have been linked to Ayton for months, and if he agrees to an offer sheet with us, this is not bad value for Phoenix. Grant is useful for any contender, and they can decide wether to extend him or not. Saric is injured, and Olynyk is a solid player that would also be in their rotation. Saric is expiring, and if he recovers can give some bench minutes for the Pistons, so not too bad.

-Marvin Bagley stays for a 3 year deal worth $25 to $30MM (third year is a team option). I think it's a lock Marvin stays in Detroit, it's just about for how much and for how long.

-Cory Joseph picks up his player option. Hami's team option is picked up, Frank's probably too. Garza's is not.

-All of this would still give the Pistons some cap space left to use, but I don't think they'll go after Sexton or Brunson. Probaly signing a guard to a 1 year deal, thus saving cap space for next summer. That could be a guy like Delon Wright, Dennis Schroder, Austin Rivers or Tomas Satoransky, for a 1 year overpay type of deal.

FA guard - Hayes - Joseph - Lee

Cade - Hami - Frank

Bey - Livers

Murray - Bagley - Saric

Ayton - Stew

This would leave the Pistons heading into 2023-24 with Hayes, Cade, Bey, Murray, Bagley, Ayton, Stew, the 2023 pick and maybe Livers under contract. Plus Dedmon's dead money. That leaves around $43MM (!!!) in cap space for the 2023 summer.

This is just a prediction, what is yours?

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