Intangibles, Fit, and Readiness: Draft analysis from off the court

The draft is less than 2 weeks away and at this point the games of all of the potential players available at 5 have been discussed and dissected. What about the stuff that isn't on youtube? Mainly what about how mentally ready the kid is for the NBA, what kind of intangibles they bring to a team trying to win. Also how this person fits on the team in terms of their position and playstyle, as well as their locker room presence. This is going to be based off of a lot of information that I read and watched over the past few weeks, I'll cite as much as I can but definitely let me know if I'm missing anything in the comments.

Jaden Ivey

Ivey really shouldn't be available. Sacramento could do a very Sacramento thing and draft another point guard, but they could also trade the pick to another team that wants Ivey. If he drops, he could would be 100% ready for the NBA life style as he has been living it. His mom was an Assistant coach and a great player, his Dad was also a professional athlete. He even got to go to practices and see the work Ja Morant put in. His fit in any NBA lockerroom is a guarantee, but his fit on the Pistons is questionable. He needs reps at the point guard spot to grow, and we already don't have enough minutes at lead guard for the people we have on roster. Unlike Cade and Killian, Jaden may not have the size to guard 2s.

Readiness 5; Intangibles 5; Fit 3

Keegan Murray

Keegan's background story makes him sound like the hardest of hard worker. A late growth spurt meant he really didn't emerge as a draft potential until after spending a year battling with Luka Garza on the Iowa practice court. The hardwork paid off in a spectacular season, but are the accolades following him faster than his development. Going against bigger and faster NBA players, Keegan will have to reinvent himself when the season starts. As a 22 year-old this fall, he would put him in a good age for jumping in and be an older voice in the locker room, but not an age where many players totally overhaul their game. As the roster stands a lot of that work would happen on the G League and in practice, as it looks like he would be behind Saddiq, Livers, Jerami, and even Stew. All of our young saplings need playing time to water their promising careers, and it's hard to see a lot minutes dripping down down to Keegan, even with a Grant trade.

Readiness 4; Intangibles 4; Fit 3

Shaedon isn't that much of a mystery. When high schoolers were getting snapped up based off high school VHS and hearsay, players weren't expected to bring a complete skill set to the NBA. Shaedon has a lot of innate talent, and videos, but Troy is also going to get insight from Coach Calipari about what he learned in Kentucky practices. The fact that he left his hometown, left his high school, and then left Kentucky, makes me wonder if Sharpe isn't someone who wants to stick it out. But maybe it means Sharpe is someone who is willing to take his own road so he can the most out of his abilities. That road involve a lot of Motor City Cruise games, as he probably needs to learn about NBA offense and Defense. He'd be young, but not as young as Sekou was when he started. He'd definitely fit on the court in any lineup, and maybe he'd bring some London Ontario fans to the LCA with Pistons jerseys instead of Raptors.

Readiness 3; Intangibles 4; Fit 4

Bennedict Mathurin

Benn has a story that follows a lot of the themes of the other players in this range. He overcame immense struggle in Montreal to go join the NBA academy in Mexico. Then after a so-so freshman year in Arizona, worked his butt off and got player of the year. He is physically NBA ready, but for him to really be a star he would need to come in and get to work immediately improving his skill. On the Pistons he would have minutes on the wing that he would have to battle for with Frank Jackson. He would also be the youngest on the team which may mean more upside, or it may mean slowing down the rebuild waiting for someone to develop.

Readiness 4; Intangibles 3; Fit 4

Based on my highly subjective analysis, it seems that Ivey brings a lot beyond the court. If he's off the board they have to choose intangibles with a roster shakeup in Murray, roster Harmony with the prospect being placed in the incubator, or someone who has a lot of skill to develop, and a lot of other work to do, but would fit in the roster.

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