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The Pistons Pulse: Breaking Down the “Perfect” Off-season Plans for the Pistons

The Pistons Pulse Podcast w/Bryce Simon of MotorCityHoops & Omari Sankofa II of The Detroit Free Press

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The Pistons Pulse is brought to you by The Detroit Free Press and is co hosted by Bryce Simon of MotorCityHoops and Omari Sankofa II, Detroit Pistons beat writer for The Detroit Free Press.

Omari and Bryce asked listeners to submit their “perfect/best/A+” off-season plans for Troy Weaver and the Detroit Pistons for this week’s episode. Producer, Wes Davenport, then presented each plan and designated one of them to take the “positive” or “negative” side of the plan. Listen to the guys debate each side of the prospects for the Pistons at #5, free agent signings, and LOTS of Jerami Grant trade ideas. They finish off the episode by answering some general Pistons mailbag questions in segment 3.

FUTURE EPISODES NOTE: Next week you will get 2 The Pistons Pulse episodes!! We will drop an all encompassing Pistons Draft Preview with a normal Tuesday drop AND drop a reaction episode Friday Morning to the Pistons Thursday night draft picks.

With that said, we hope you enjoy this episode of The Pistons Pulse!

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