How the roster is constructed

I'd like to give my impressions of the roster and what seems to be most needed to transform the team into a playoff contender. I'd like some responses too, to see how you think I'm right or wrong, or perhaps missing some insights of what really would matter. So position by position here goes:

PG Is Cory Joseph our starter, or Killian Hayes? I don't really know for sure. Hayes has the defensive capability to be an intriguing starter, but he has to establish a more offensive mind-set. His youth makes him promising, but Joseph has established himself with more maturity and good judgement overall. Bottom-line, I think the Pistons need someone else here to lead the team. Cade Cunningham could emerge as the #1 but it would be nice to have another ball handler to share the load longer term with Cade and Killian.Carsen Edwards and Saben Lee are getting auditions for that role, but I'm just not sold that they have the "it" factor I think we need.

SG is Cade Cunningham's, so he can't be the PG. I wish Hamidou Diallo would emerge as the Piston's SG. His athleticism is unique, but he hasn't consistently shown he can be the guy or even consistently be the back-up guy. I'm not a Frank Jackson fan for several reasons, so I tend to count him out. Rodney McGruder has consistently surprised me, but I guess he's too old to push forward as the best long term back-up for this position.

Getting a great combo-guard in this draft might be the perfect pick for this roster. It could help develop a strong trio of Cunningham, Hayes, and X, that the Pistons can build long term around.

SF I like Shaddiq Bey and think he's got the ability to hold this position for the Pistons. Depth is a problem after Bey, especially if you trade Jerami Grant. Diallo can play small forward, but I don't tend to like the match ups as much here with other team's dominant players at this position. Other than Grant and Diallo the Pistons I suppose have Isaiah Livers and Jamarko Pickett. I like Livers better as a 4, and Pickett hasn't proven enough to me to be a consistent member of the rotation.

PF The Pistons best option for now is Jerami Grant. He's a good player, but I'm not convinced he's someone they can build long term around. Livers might be a good developmental player, but I tend to think of him more as solid back-up. Braxton Key was signed, but he's essentially an unknown entity to me at this point.

If the Pistons could swing a trade to get a top 10 draft pick for Grant that could be a potential starter at the 4 long term, that makes the most sense to me. Ideally they get a better back-up for the 3 too in a trade to match salaries.

C Isaiah Stewart is the Piston's big man in the middle. Is he a long term starter or very, very solid 4 and 5 back-up? That would be my inclination, but you need someone that is better than Stewart to justify such a move. Is there a free agent the Pistons can woo? Marvin Bagley and Kelly Olynyk provide two current decent back-ups for the 4 and 5 positions, but it remains to be seen if either really is a great fit. The last remaining player on the roster is Luka Garza. I think he has offensive skills but the defensive deficits repeatedly cited seem to limit him from moving up or even sustaining a long term role.

In my opinion there are some intriguing second-round draft options in this year's draft that might surprise. Isaiah Mobley is someone that I'd like to see picked by the Pistons. Is this the answer? Probably something else will need to be done in the following year's draft or during free agency to really improve the 5 position.

Depth is definitely a problem for the Pistons being able to assert themselves, but another lead guard I think could make a big difference. I think there's hope in this year's draft for that. I also think pulling the trigger on a trade to obtain another high pick for Grant makes sense, even though he is a very good player I'm glad the Pistons invested in.

What do you think? I like Jaden Ivey or Johnny Davis as the #5 pick, and wish the Pistons could get Keegan Murray via trade as the #7 pick. Also, as I mentioned if the Pistons could land Isaiah Mobley in the second round I think this would be a very good addition too.

My 2022-23 roster would look like this:

PG Cunningham - Hayes - Joseph - Lee

SG Ivey - Diallo - McGruder

SF Bey - Livers - Pickett

PF Murray - Olynyk - Key

C Stewart - Bagley - Mobley - Garza

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