5 Piston Predictions

Here goes, this is what I think happens:

1. Cory Joseph elects to take his player option to remain with the Pistons.

2. Jerami Grant gets traded to Portland, but not for this year's draft pick. A future draft pick and multiple 2nd round picks are packaged as the full compensation for him. The move frees up more than a total of $43 million in cap space for the Pistons.

3. Jaden Ivey, SG, is selected with the 5th overall pick by the Pistons in the 2022 draft.

4. Jalen Duran, C, is acquired via trade to obtain another 1st round pick! Is Isaiah Stewart going to shift back and forth between the 4 and 5?

5. Deandre Ayton is offered a max contract, but wait, so is Miles Bridges. Do the Pistons get one or both?

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