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DBB Podcast: 2022 NBA Draft Live Reactions!

DBB podcast

Hey everyone. This is Laz Jackson of Detroit Bad Boys, and on this week’s episode we’ve got something a little different for you: the audio of the 2022 DBB NBA Draft Livestream! Bryce Simon, Steve Pelletier, Brady Fredericksen, Sean Corp, Jack Kelly, and myself talked for hours about the Pistons’ night, and we’ve condensed down the super-relevant parts into this podcast. The TRUE diehards, though, can check out all four hours of livestream on the MotorCityHoops YouTube channel.

As always, we appreciate your continued support of the podcast, and the best way to do that is to share, subscribe, and leave comments - please leave comments on this discussion post, that’s the best way for us to have the conversation we want to have around the podcast.

Last but not least, a big shoutout to Producer Wes Davenport, who was behind the scenes all night helping out the video component AND who clipped the audio to even make this podcast possible this morning.

Thanks for listening, y’all. Enjoy the podcast: