Time to look at an old friend.

The Pistons seem to have done very well in this draft. Filling many of the spots on the roster with quality young talent. Having the draft fall exactly how you want it to. May have changed the calculus of what to do with our cap space. .

And now reports have come out that the Pistons will not pursue Deandre Ayton.

So the questions is what can they do with their cap space?.

Brunson seems pointless after drafting Ivey. He seems more likely to go to the Knicks

Bridges is restricted and will likely get matched by Charlotte.

Most of the rest of avalible FA's are stars who will demand long term contracts. Or more marginal players. .

But how about this as the basis for a trade

Kelly Olynk for Tobias Harris(plus incentives). The Sixers need that cap room to sign Harden. So we may be able to get another young player and assets for this. While they get a serviceable replacement on a much cheaper deal.

I am well aware Harris is simply a good player who is wildly overpaid. He would offer the Pistons an experienced and reliable 3rd option. A better scorer/rebounder and passer than Grant. And his contract only lasts the next two seasons. Which is exactly the time frame the Pistons would need to begin paying their own developmental talent.

Additionally it give the Pistons a max contract player. That could be swapped for a better player if one became available. Without having to try to match roster spaces and other salaries. And if they wanted to go over the cap. They still have Grants trade exception in which to do so. .

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