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Gabriele Procida

What do our doctors have to say about Procida?

Gabriele Procida is from Italy, just turned 20 (June 1), and did all the measurements at the Combine (unlike some OTHER detroit draft picks, cough*IveyandDuren*cough). Here they are:

  • Height in socks: 6'5.75" (He says he's a SG, size of a SF)
  • Weight: 192.8 lbs (LOL at the precision)
  • Wingspan 6'8" (same as Killian - not great, but fine)
  • Standing Reach 8'10" (same standing reach as guys his height with arms much longer (more than Jalen Williams!). Super mobile shoulders? Tiny neck? Should we be calling him "Pro-Cheata"?)
  • Hand Length 8.00" Hand Width 9.25" (smallish hands)
  • Lane Agility: 11.02 sec (middle of the pack - similar to Christian Braun, Johnny Juzang, Payton Watson, Alondes Williams)
  • Shuttle Run: 3.14 sec (Pie! middle of the pack - similar to Christian Braun, Jabari Walker, Bryce McGowens)
  • 3/4 Court sprint: 3.07 sec (TOP SCORE!!! along with Ryan Rollins and Max Christie)
  • Max vert: 35" (middle of the pack, same as Alondes Williams and Malakai Branham)

So he measures as very quick in a straight line, with around average agility/change of direction. Decent wing size, even if his arms and hands are on the shorter/smaller end. Reasonable hops.

What have people written about Procida?

From the Box and One big board:

Tier 6: Role Players with First round Grades
6.22 - Gabriele Procida, Fortitudo Bologna

Italian wing Gabriele Procida has a great deal of upside. He’s a 40% 3-point shooter with a smooth, high stroke. He is an unbelievable athlete, and bullies less-athletic players with some imposing defense. Get him downhill or attacking the rim and he look out below! He isn’t great at finishing through contact right now, but he’s such a high-flyer that he can likely finish over the top of it.

Procida has a bit of a 3-and-D type of floor based on what he’s proven. There’s still quite a bit to clean up, especially in making the leap from his current league to NBA competition. He’s likely a bit of a multi-year prospect as a result.

What does an investing team get with Procida? An athletic 3-and-D guy with a pretty shot and even a bit of self-creation upside. Right now, Procida is all flashes and very little substance. We have a first-round grade on him and believe he is worthy of a draft-and-stash type of selection in the top-30.

From Vecenie's draft guide (the Athletic): ranked 32

Strengths: ... A legitimate live athlete for his size. Tries to tear the rim down. Plays with swag and confidence too, and can be a highlight machine.... Plays hard, has a real motor for the ball and is one of those athletes who finds buckets by putting himself in the mix.
...Procida can knock down shots at a high level. Has great balance through the shot. Makes shots off movement with relative ease.... Moves well without the ball... Can go to both his right and left, planting with either foot to start. Made 39 percent of his catch-and-shoot attempts a year after making 40.9 percent of his catch-and-shoot attempts, nearly all of which were 3s. Great balance and alignment... He also has a high release point. Really an outstanding shooting prospect given how young he is. Has even shown some ability to run the occasional ball screen. The intersection of athleticism with genuine shooting ability here is awesome.
Fights on defense and gets into the mix and into positive positions. He is active with his hands and loves trying to shoot passing lanes. Gets deflections because of that athletic twitch and length.

Weaknesses: Procida is very raw overall... Still skinny and doesn’t have a ton of strength... Not a shot creator out of isolation at this point. Don’t think he’s reading even the second or third levels of the defense at this point... Not wildly comfortable handling the ball and getting to the lane unless he has a clear runway or he’s out on the break. A very loose ballhandler in general.... there are also full stretches where he won’t make an enormous impact on the game outside of having to be guarded beyond the 3-point line at all times. Would love to see him be more impactful across all phases of the game, including as a rebounder, passer and defensive presence.

Summary: Procida is a stash all the way for me, but one who is pretty interesting. The shooting is legitimate. He does it off movement, with real balance and in readily translatable ways to show how he’d be used in the NBA. He’s one of my favorite international prospects in the class because it’s hard to find great shooters with legitimate size. If I didn’t have a roster spot and did have a second-round pick to use, he’d be near the top of the list for me as a player worth investing in. As he gets stronger and continues to become more functional because of it on a minute-by-minute basis in the game, he has some real upside that could turn him into an NBA player.

From Hollinger's Big Board (the Athletic): ranked 33

...We can still nit-pick some things: The Italian League isn’t very good anymore, he wasn’t the best player on the team, etc. But Procida did put up solid numbers as a 20-year-old in a real pro league, and he’s a 6-6 wing with some athleticism (backed up by solid combine testing numbers) and consecutive seasons of shooting 38 percent from 3 under his belt. It’s not hard to see his pathway to NBA viability... Procida will need to shoot the 3 better and more frequently to make the cut as an NBA sniper, but he’s not that far away and he can be an overseas stash for years if need be, making his selection a promising idea...

No Ceilings deep-dive into Procida's scoring (long, with videos!):

"Gabriele Procida is one of the most versatile scorers not only among international prospects, but among the entire 2022 NBA Draft class.... A few years from now, it shouldn’t be surprising if we look back and think, "how the hell did Gabriele Procida not go in the first round?"

Peachtree Hoops Procida Scouting Report (long, with videos!):

Graham Chapple at PeachTree Hoops (Hawks SB Nation site) has put together a LONG breakdown with plenty of videos, and also includes Mike Schmitz (ESPN)'s thoughts on Procida at the end.


NERRRRDS! I just want to watch videos:

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Highlights from 2021-22 Season - Learn some Italian!

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June 23 Interview from NBA Europe (in English)

MotorCityHoops Video Breakdown (6/29)


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