2022-2023 Detroit Pistons

Everyone focuses on big names at the start free agency, but championship teams, especially in small markets, are made out of the draft and finding value in free agency. I know I'm not Troy Weaver but I do share the same last name so I might as well just be the GM for the Pistons this offseason.

The Goals

The fist goal is to continue to develop the young core that Troy has brought in. Cade, Ivey, Duren, Bey and Stewart need to be given every opportunity to learn and to succeed.

The second goal I would have would be to acquire most draft capitol for the future. Troy has shown to be a master at the draft so we should work to get as many chances as possible for him to strike gold.

The third goal I would have would be to build financial flexibility for the 2024 free agency. Looking at that class their could be some big time talent available and even if Detroit can't bring any in at least they could have the flexibility to capitalize on teams that do.

The fourth and final goal would be to improve the win/loss record. Sure it would be great to get another lottery pick next year, but at some point our young core needs to experience and enjoy success on the court.

The Plan

The plan is not to go big game hunting this offseason. I didn't think Ayton or Bridges are enough to get the Pistons over the top and the other big names don't fit the timeline here in Detroit. Pistons need to be bargain hunters more than anything and they need to be shopping for shooters.

1. I would trade CoJo, Diallo, and Olynyk to Charlotte for Hayward, 2023 1st from Denver and two future 2nds. Hayward can be a veteran presence in the locker room and if/when healthy he can add some shooting off the bench. His contract also expires right on time for 2024 free agency. We also get more draft capitol and with Weaver that's straight gold.

2. The next move is to finalize a contract for Bagley. I see 3 years for 24 million floating around. I would do that with a TO on year 3 or a mutual option.

3. Far as I can tell after those two moves Detroit would have roughly 23 million in cap space left. I would target Malik Monk for 10 million on a 3 year deal with TO for year 3. He is a plus athlete and a great shooter. He could play alongside Cade or Ivey and be the 1st guard off the bench.

4. The last big signing I would make would be TJ Warren for 8-10 million per year for, you guessed it, 3 years with a team option for year 3. Warren is the perfect pairing with Bagley at PF. Where Bags struggles is where Warren shines. Not that long ago he averages 20 PPG to have that firepower off the bench would take a lot of pressure off Hayes.

The Team

PG - Cade, Hayes and Lee

SG - Ivey, Monk

SF - Bey, Hayward, Livers

PF - Bagley, Warren

C - Stewart, Duren

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