Lu Dort, SG/SF, solid 3 point shooting might be nice addition for Pistons

OKC announced that they would not pick up the player's $1.9M option for 22-23 making him a restricted free agent. This makes more sense for the Thunder in that it allows them to match any contract another team offers the talented 23 year old.

Dort is a reasonably good 3-point shooter who has averaged 33.2% and 34.3% over the past two seasons. He's also proven to be a reliable scorer, increasing his ppg average from 17.0 to 19.0, from 2020 to 2021.

It might be appealing to make an offer for the player at $8-10M a year offer on a 3-4 year deal to build depth on the Piston's bench, if not provide an immediate starting option while Jaden Ivey develops his game.

A roster might look like this:

PG Cunningham, Joseph, Hayes, Keys

SG Dort, Ivey, Lee, Boeheim

SF Bey, Burks, Diallo

PF Stewart, Livers, Bagley

C Noel, Olynyk, Duren

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