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NBA Trade Rumors: Marc Stein adds fuel to the Atlanta-Jerami Grant interest fire

Whether a deal centered on the No. 16 is enough to convince Detroit remains to be seen

Atlanta Hawks v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

While the Portland Trail Blazers have been the team mentioned most often to register trade interest in Jerami Grant for the past year, close behind seems to be the Atlanta Hawks. And a new piece from longtime NBA reporter Marc Stein seems to simply add another league whispers log onto the rumor mill fire.

Earlier, we noted a pair of Athletic beat writers, Pistons writer James Edwards III and Hawks writer Chris Kirschner discussed the trade interest the Atlanta had in Detroit’s two-way forward after the Hawks’ disappointing early exit in the playoffs.

The Hawks, Stein writes, “continue to register trade interest” in Grant. He notes that the Pistons’ asking price is still high and it is unclear if he will be moved at all. And even if the Hawks are interested, there is a chance they still wouldn’t be able to be the top bidder.

It is not yet clear whether the Hawks can outbid other Detroit suitors, most notably Portland, with a trade offer (presumed to include the No. 16 pick in the forthcoming draft) that finally convinces the Pistons to part with Grant. The Trail Blazers hold the No. 7 selection in the draft and a longstanding interest in the two-way forward.

It does really all come down to the No. 7 pick. That would be a hell of an asset for the Blazers to give up for Grant considering it’d also likely be coupled with committing to the forward on a hefty contract extension.

But the No. 7 pick isn’t the No. 1 pick, and it’s not even the No. 5 pick (duh), so the Blazers might not be clinging to it as tightly as some people think considering they want to seriously remake their team into a competitive playoff team as quickly as possible.

But it’s no slam dunk, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Grant isn’t moved at all. Even if the Hawks were willing to part with No. 16 and Bojan Bogdonovic as speculated in the Athletic piece, that doesn’t mean the Pistons would automatically say yes.

And for the Hawks to decide that is actually too much to give up is an entirely reasonable take.

My gut tells me the Pistons would like to move Grant for an asset or assets that more perfectly fit their timeline. And while some teams are intent on adding major pieces during an offseason when few players will be available on the FA market, there is no consensus on what Grant is “worth.”

He could net a major asset like the seventh overall pick or he could be wearing a Pistons uniform come opening night with reports indicating no team was willing to give up a first and an expiring for him.