I solved the player mobility issue

Do you know the of tie quiz? You put your hand on your friend's tie to hide it and ask "Quick! What color is your tie?". You will be surprised how many people get the answer wrong.

I watched Durant, Westbrook and Harden in Thunder jerseys. I watched Harden and Westbrook in Rockets jerseys. I watched Durant and Harden in Nets jerseys. I just want to put my hand on the logo of their jerseys and ask "Quick! What logo is on your jersey?".

Maybe I am just old school and bitter. Maybe Draymond Green is right, it is a business, and it is a lot of money. Yes, yes, that is true. But am I here to watch businessmen do business or watch athletes and franchises compete?

These are hard existential questions, so let us stick to the point: I should catch up with the times. In order to do this heroic deed, I came up with a solution to the player mobility issue: Players should be allowed to change teams from one game to the next.

One day you have Giannis battling KD in the playoffs, but in the following game maybe KD is playing for the Bucks and Giannis is playing for the Nets. Is this exciting or what? In the next game maybe they are both playing for the Nets, and Bucks sign Curry for one game to deal with them. Not good enough, what is Paul George doing, does he feel like playing? "Quick! Call Paul George! Or we are in trouble!".

I see that you are not convinced, dear reader and sports fan, that my idea holds serious merit. So let's put it in historical perspective. One game Bird plays for the Celtics and Magic plays for the Lakers, next game Bird plays for the Lakers and Magic plays for the Celtics. Imagine the energy in the building! The fans are going crazy! Game 7, who is going to play for who? Discuss! Predict! All the talk shows are on fire!

Then again, maybe my idea is just silly. And maybe the current situation with player mobility is about just as silly as my idea. Thanks for reading.

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