Woetown in Motown Sports...Which team is the baddest?

Over the past 10 years here are some facts for our sports teams here...Tigers, Lions, Redwings and Pistons.

Tigers Win% 45 League rank avg 20 0f 30 teams in mlb 3 winning seasons 2 playoffs 1 series win

Lions Win% 42 League rank avg 20 of 32 teams in nfl 3 winning seasons 3 playoffs 0 wins.

RedWings Win% 41 League rank avg 21.9 of 32 teams in nhl 1 winning season 4 playoffs 1 series win

Pistons Win% 35 League rank avg 21.8 of 30 teams in nba 1 winning season 2 playoffs 0 wins.

Last winning season Tigers, Lions and Pistons 2016 Redwings 2015

Last playoff appearance Pistons 2019 Lions and RedWings 2016 Tigers 2014

Last playoff series or round win Tigers and RedWings 2013 Pistons 2008 Lions 1991

Its been a really tough stretch for Detroit sports here so which team has been the worst here?...make your case and which do you believe has the most optimism or chance of breaking out of this slump...having a winning season? making the playoffs? winning a playoff series (game) for Lions..?

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