Starting Five

Read an Article from Langlois on about the possible combinations of our starting unit. He basically said that Cunningham and Bey are locks, with Stewart and Ivey being very likely. He then pointed out the options for the last slot and I was very surprised that he did not even mention Nerlens Noel as a possibility. I think for Stewart to be a part of our core he will have to play the 4. He has two years remaining on his rookie deal and the Center Position belongs to Duren. Stewart won't resign with the pistons to come of the bench so we better start playing him at the 4 as soon as possible. Since Duren won't be ready to start from day 1 we need a Center to pair with Stewart. The options are Bagley, Olynyk and Noel. Noel is the one who resembles Durens playstyle the most, so it would be a good move to get Cade, Ivey and Bey used to playing with a defensive minded big who is a lob threat on offense. Bagley and Olynyk both lack the defensive presence that Noel provides and they both could be very successful playing against second units. Especially Olynyk on a second unit would open up things for Hayes with Burks and Livers on the wing. With Bagley there would also be a lob threat on the second unit and his offensive role would be bigger, probably even the first option, playing from the bench. What do you think about Cade/Ivey/Bey/Stewart/Noel starting and Hayes/Burks/Livers/Bagley/Olynyk of the bench? Diallo could also get minutes and Duren will get the time he needs to get ready.

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