Quick thoughts on each Piston Player from 2022 Summer League game #1

Ivey--Too out of control in the first half, but played a smarter game in the 2nd half. His speed is real and his finishing ability looks Sprewell-esque. On the downside, his handle looks a little loose to me and his shot was as slow developing as advertised. I'd like him to fix that. I'm glad he hit those 2 3-pointers, but it worries me when a guy's misses are as bad as Ivey's long range misses were last night. One other thing I notice about him: While Cade came in with a "I got this" persona, Jaden seems a little shy and emotional. It's not a big deal. Not every guy on the team can-or needs to-have an alpha dog mentality. Still, I could never see the "always in control" Cade drawing a tech with the game on the line by tossing the ball in the air after getting frustrated. Ivey seems like a great kid who still has some growing up to do in terms of confidence, managing his emotions and approaching the game with a plan.

Killian - I'm mostly pleased with what he showed last night. My only negative is that he still seems devoted to shooting the step back 3. He has been shooting that shot since he got here and he never seems to hit it. Later in the game last night, he shot a 3 when when his feet were set and it was perfect. I'm really surprised Casey hasn't forbid him from shooting that step-back 3. His shooting numbers will be much better if he gets rid of the step back 3. Other than that, Killian played really well last night.

Duren - What more is there to say! That kid is a physical presence out there. And I think his offensive game has real potential besides those impressive throw-downs. His shooting stroke doesn't look bad at all, even though he missed that turnaround jumper he took. And unlike Ivey, I think Duren has that alpha dog mentality right NOW. I think a lot like Beef Stew, Duren's going to enter real NBA games looking to wear veterans out-- not asking them for their autographs! The sky's the limit for this kid.

Stewart - I LOVE that he's in summer league working on his Power Forward/jump shooting game! Using summer league to expand his game really paid dividends last year for Bey, and I think it will do the same this year for Stew. I'm really encouraged by what I saw offensively. And on the defensive end, he still is very effective at switching out on smaller, quick players. I know the Pistons just signed Bagley to decent money, but I'd like to see Stew start at PF with Duren or Noel starting at Center.

Livers - He obviously had an off shooting night. I'm not too worried. He's proved himself as an outside shooter in games that matter. I continue to be surprised by his athleticism. For some reason, my mind sees him as a more below the rim player. But then he goes out there last night elevating and blocking shots. Pistons have a good one in Lih-vers (not LIE-vers, ESPN Guy!)

Saben - I'm done with him. Over dribbles. Indecisive. Lots of eye's closed/head down drives into the lane with no plan. He got to the line a lot last night, which is something. But I did think a couple of times the fouls bailed him out of corners he had painted himself into.

Key - Far more good than bad last night. Very active defensively..good physical presence and showed he could knock down the open jumper. Last night was a good example about why the Pistons kept the rugged, more athletic Braxton Key over the try-hard, but earth bound Luka Garza.

Balsa Koprivicia - I was excited to see him play. But, in the end, he showed me nothing. He was in position to alter a couple of shots in the paint, but didn't seem to have the feel for how to do it. Balsa had guys boxed out, but couldn't secure most rebounds. And then there was that Saben-esque out of control lumbering "drive" to the hoop late in the game. I noticed the coach took him out right away after that. I'm very down on Balsa after last night.

Buddy Boeheim - incomplete...missed his only triple try

Jules Bernard - incomplete...didn't show much at all in his limited minutes

NEXT GAME: Let's see what Charlie Moore can do at PG. And, I'm anxious to see Kameron McGusty, Stanley Umude and Kyle Foster get some run. Let's see less of Killian, Saben and Livers. I feel like we already know what we've got in them. Beef Stew should probably continue working on his PF game.

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