What did you think of the block attempt by Chet Holmgren that led to his injury?

You probably have heard and perhaps seen the video of Chet Holmgren trying to interrupt LeBron James' layup. It looked like a defensive end barrelling toward the bucket with a goal post trying to get in the way. Something looked like it was going to break.

I think it's very sad and disappointing that Holmgren suffered a stress fracture in his foot, but against big power forwards I really think he needs to get a lot stronger. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. He can spend the season training and getting bigger and stronger.

It makes me pretty happy though that the Pistons didn't get a chance to select Holmgren over Jaden Ivey. Ivey really seems like the perfect pick for the Pistons. He looks like a dynamic scorer that should allow the team to play at a much faster tempo.

Holmgren may yet prove to be an amazing player, but I just don't see the same level of strength that Abdul Kareem Jabbar had despite being rail thin as well. Pushing a power forward up against him seems almost unfair and in the NBA there will be many such match ups. I could almost envision our own Jalen Durant bullying his way to the basket against Holmgren in the same manner as James did.

Just thought I would post a few thoughts and see what other reactions others had to the play.

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