The Franchise (Bad Boys Audiobook) on Audible

I wanted to repost this in case anyone didn't see the original from a few months back. I finished listening to the narration of this new release audiobook on the '88-'89 Bad Boys Pistons called The Franchise. I had read it as a kid but never knew there was an audiobook until I had looked under the Amazon link and noticed that someone had produced it. It's a long listen but the stories are really good: "The Trade" that brought Aguirre over, 'Horn's last season in Motown, John Salley's emergence in the playoffs, and there are plenty of stories that are just for the NBA fan in general. Larry Bird's ailing back, Doug Collins' last ride as head coach of the Bulls, the rise of the Cavs (nicknamed by Chuck Daly "The Assassins" back then). If you do have an audible subscription and decide to listen, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys!

The Franchise

The inside story of the '88-'89 Bad Boys Pistons

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