Back-ups before and after

Last season the back-ups were:

PG Joseph / Walton

SG F Jackson / Stanley

SF Diallo / J Jackson

PF Pickett / Lyles

C Garza / Olynyk

This year's back-ups are likely to be:

PG Hayes / Joseph

SG Burks / McGruder

SF Bogdanovic / Diallo

PF Livers / Knox

C Noel / Duren

The big differences I see:

PG development potential with better overall experience too

SG better experience and skillsets

SF far better shooting and balanced athleticism

PF shooting and potential are improved

C athleticism drastically improved, shooting maybe has declined, but off-set by improvements at 4 other positions

If the back-ups make the difference in competing, 22-23 should have a far better result. Although the starting unit is very, very young the back-ups can save and likely win some games, if that is desired.

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