One giant trade to fix four teams

Large trades do not happen often. Most of the time is that it is rarely in all teams interests to be involved. But ill give it my best shot. This particular trade cannot be concluded until Sept 10th due to various trade restrictions.

Team 1- Charlotte Hornets they receive

1) Wenyen Gabriel(LA) Damien Jones (LA)Rudy Gay(UT) Nerlens Noel (DET) Kemba Walker (DET) Saben Lee (DET) 23 and 27 2nds (both Det).

Team 2- UT receives Russel Westbrook(LA) Killian Hayes (DET) 2027 1sts (LA) 4 2nds (Charlotte and Det)

Team 3- LA receives B.Bogdanovic (UT) Mason Plumlee (CH) Alex Burks (DET) C.Joseph (DET) K. Olynk (DET).

Team 4 Detroit receives Mike Conley (UT) Gorden Hayward (CH) JT Thor (CH)

Charlotte was really screwed over by not only the charges against Bridges. But the timing also. Not knowing how this plays out for them. The thing they need most is time and money. This year is pretty much done for them. With the improvements to Atlanta and Cleveland. They are going to be at a huge disadvantage trying to even make the play in games. So they save 12 million this year. And Hayward's salary next year.. Add a couple of young players who are redundant with their teams and fill in with better fitting players. Other than Hayward ,Plumlee is their biggest loss. But the recently drafted Williams was taking his place anyway.

Utah gets exactly what it wants. A pick from LA when they should be on the down slope. A young lottery pick in Hayes who they get a chance to look at. And 4 seconds they can either use, or package along the way. For his part Westbrook ends up in the role he is best suited for. As a one man team. So they could potentially get something for him at the deadline.

LA- Gets some addition by subtraction. They add in solid starter in Bogdonavic. Someone who adds sorely needed outside shooting. Burks adds shooting also off the bench. Plumlee is a capable starter at C as a re-bounder and defender. Olynk gives them a legit PF who can spell Davis for breaks and injury. And Joseph gets a role much better suited to him as a 4th or 5th wheel on a veteran team. Mostly this adds the kind of professionalism and depth they have been lacking for years. All with players who are more suited to their roles than the ones they had previously. Yes it costs LA an unprotected 27 first. And all players they are acquiring are basically on one year contracts (team options). But if it doesnt work they would need to blow it all up anyway.

Detroit- Basically gets clarity and leadership. As constructed the Pistons have a glut at several positions. Primarily C and PG. There is no way they could realistically find roles for most of them. Conley and Hayward are both former stars that are older and make more than their current statistics warrant. But the Pistons would have the space to absorb them. Give them defined roles as leaders and bench players. And it also gives Detroit 55 million in expiring deals in 2 years. Just when they need to decide if Stewart and Bey are actually long term players and paying them as such. All it really costs them is Lee and Hayes. Who are inferior versions of Cunningham and Ivey. And a group of players who were not going to be here after this year. It also gives them the flexibility to play their young front court players, and have two players you can reliably put on the floor. When Ivey, Bey and Cunningham need a break.

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