I'd Really Like To Care, So...

Victor Wembanyama has to be the prize the Pistons get after this season, or I think nothing will really matter. The Pistons just won't regain any relevancy for the next 10 years unless they can add a super star generational talent. Specifically, VW I think would make the difference. Without VW I'm pretty convinced the Pistons will be mediocre at best.

Without the ability to draw super star free agents, and assemble a super star filled starting line-up, I believe that the Pistons will top out at about .500, but typically falter below that.The young talent they have won't be pushed to become all that they could be.

Building around VW I think is their one shot to become a championship caliber team. I think he'd push Cunningham and Ivey to become a winning tandem with Hayes a solid third-man. I think Bey and Stewart also become more talented and excel. I think Duren blossoms into a star too. This group with VW then will just need a few other supporting cast members that don't cave-in when they play. I believe that VW, CC, JI, JD, SB, KH, and JS would carry the load and push them into 60 game winning seasons, and hopefully far beyond.

I'm 67 years old, so I'd really like to care about the next 10 years. The only way I see it possible though is with VW. I think the writing is clearly on the wall. What do you think; maybe you have 20 or 30 years to wait and see if they can evolve into something better?

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