Wanted: DBB Commenters/Fan Posters to become Writers

A new season is upon us, and that means that I'm once again looking to restock our contributors cupboard, and while I've already sent out a general post asking for contributors to apply, I'd much prefer to add folks who are already active in our community. As a bonus, if you're up for writing an article per week, you could get paid (a small stipend).

I really don't want to make it anymore complicated than that. If you know of a commenter who you think should get a bigger platform (and a better looking CMS) than encourage them to reach out to me on Twitter (@sean_corp) or via email at sean (dot) patrick (dot) corp (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you're that contributor or Fan Poster and you're ready to take that next step, please reach out to me. As a bonus, you get access to our contributor slack (where we say what we really think) and can participate in DBB on 3s, or get involved in other capacities, including social media, graphic design, or anything else that interests you.

I want to keep growing this community, and that means unleashing those most passionate voices to be more involved in this site. Please reach out with interest or with any questions you might have.

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