How about some Radical Ideas?

I personally think the Pistons are stuck. Their talent isn't equal to the rest of the league if they play traditional match-ups. I think there are some ways to radically shift the way they play, but will they consider doing so?

They moved Stewart to the 4. I think that made sense. He's too small for the 5. Duren is the right guy to play the 5. So with these two as the bigs, how can you radically remake the rest of the starting unit? I like Sasser. He has shown some real fire in his belly, so I'd bring him into this group. Ivey is my other guard opposite him. Bogdanovic would be the small forward on my starting unit, with Burks switching off with Bogey and either guard until Morris is ready to play again. When Morris is back, then he subs for Sasser in the starting unit.

I'm hoping that the second unit holds some surprise for opponents by moving Cunningham to the bench as the sixth-man. Whether or not he can hold this role is a question, but when he's on the floor it seems everyone looks to him already to take over. I'd give this role to him as long as he can produce in the role, but pull him if he starts to lose control of the ball too often.

Bagley seems like a weapon in short bursts too. His defense is perhaps an issue where he can't be on the floor for too long. Harris is supposed to be a premier shooter so he's also on my second unit. If Wiseman can be a force in the middle and the match-up doesn't exploit Bagley too badly by having him play against a 4, then we have a solid second unit with Sasser or Hayes playing the 1.

Knox and Umade should also be used if they can continue to show consistent production.

To summarize, I am not going to build the entire hope and dream of winning based on Cunningham becoming a super star. I just don't see that. I see him as a very good overall player, but I think he's being over-used and it leads to bad team play when he's on the court too much.

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