Monty Williams Guaransheeds Piston Victory On Dave10.9mNofLCA's Birthday

Yes, today is my birthday. So I'd like to use this occasion to calm the angst, anxiety and plain doom that is taking root in the Detroit Piston fanbase. See, I have insight into little known information concerning behind the scene goings on in Pistonland. How, you might ask? The plain truth is Monty Williams and I are buds... Like BFF's. Seriously...

I started cultivating a friendship with Monty just after his hire. As we got to know each other better through the summer, I gained his trust bit by bit. By training camp I had Monty's ear and he started accepting suggestions from me. We speak often, every game day we text. Go over lineups and strategies. Surely, no one thought the idea of starting Killian could have originated with Monty. My advice. Signing Kevin Knox. Me too likewise. And like any relationship, there's been ups and downs. Compromises made. NDA's signed. One tidbit I'm free to relate. I agreed to remain in the shadows (alas, no assistant coaching position), in exchange for Monty dropping his demand 'request' I double his salary for the season. (Thanks Monty! IDK if my Credit Union would have advanced me that loan).

So not to worry Piston's fans. The team is in good hands. Like I said, Monty guaransheeds a win tonight.. Secret strategy.

BTW - Monty devised a scheme to keep our old friend Saddiq from going full tony bucketts on us. He feels there's one Piston perfectly motivated to match Saddiq minute for minute, one Piston who has a connection with Saddiq. No, not Ausar. It's James Wiseman... Imma stop here right now, get on my phone and text Monty to try and dissuade him from his choice...

Enjoy the victory everyone!

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