Time to Trade Cade Cunningham?

I think we all agree we've seen enough, and it's time to try to deal him for as much as possible, before it's too late. Cade Cunningham isn't becoming the next big star in the NBA. News flash; he's trending downward fast. Last night's game was one of his worst yet. He shot 4 for 14, with 1 of 3 behind the arc. His negative 11 were pitiful to sum it all up.

Can Cade get better? Perhaps, but not as the centerpiece of the entire offense. It's just not going to happen. In a different situation he has a chance to become a very good player, but not a super star. That ship has sailed. Detroit has just this year and next and should cut bait as soon as possible to give another team the remainder of his rookie deal to help him find a role.

His place isn't in Detroit as the lead guy. Ausar Thompson, Jaden Ivey, Marcus Sasser, and just maybe Killian Hayes are Detroit's top four guards today and for the foreseeable future, with hopefully Alec Burks and Bijan Bogdanovic, if they can be re-signed after this year.

Sure CC looked cool in buffs and wearing the big fro, but he's just not the guy we had all hoped for. He's definitely not in the class of Wembanyama and he won't likely ever be an All-Star. If we can land some draft capital and perhaps another solid role player, I'd hope the draft lottery somehow falls our way, and move on from him.

Sorry if this makes everyone or anyone angry. I just am calling it as I see it. This is year 3 folks. He's good, definitely a decent guy and player, and he has some talent, but he's not a super star #1 overall caliber player. Another injury and he could fall further and faster than anyone could have foreseen when he was drafted. The NBA requires tough, or at least wiry players, with some super human ability, and, or size. Cunningham just doesn't have those qualities.

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