Saddiq Bey was perfect back-up forward

Saddiq Bey was dealt to Atlanta in a four team deal that brought James Wiseman to the Pistons. That deal is looking pretty lopsided in my opinion of late. Bey looks like the perfect off the bench forward that can average nearly starter minutes by playing both the 3 and 4 positions.

With Jaden Duren, Marvin Bagley, and Isaiah Stewart it just seems superfluous to have Wiseman. I suppose he will likely leave the team at the end of this season showing little for having been here. That is definitely a bad move engineered by Troy Weaver.

With Cade Cunningham not panning out to be much of a star either, is Troy Weaver's time as the GM perhaps coming to an end soon too? Would Tom Gores eat his contract extension? Or, will the contract rule and we continue to suffer as Piston's fans?

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