Did I read the stats wrong?

I am a stats nut I guess, but I like to dig in and get me a good heapin' helpin' and see what I can see!

Ah ha, those turnovers are killin' us! Cunningham's leading the team with 5.0 per game! More ain't better you know!

Poor shootin' is definitely hurtin' us too! Let's see Cunningham's shooting .402 from the field, with a pretty frigid rate of .297 for threes!

Sharin' the ball and dishin' to the open man is pure basketball! Cunningham is averaging 19.9 shots per game, and has a rootin' tootin' 1.4 assist to turnover ratio - no wonder we're losin'!

The next two top field goal takers include that reknown shooter Killian Hayes! He's hitting at an even .400 clip on 10.0 attempts! Of course, the rookie Ausar Thompson is throwing up 11.0 shots a game that include 2.3 three attempts that he's nailing at a .148 clip! Guess there is a lot of air conditioning in the arena when they're playin - air balls move the air I hear!

If we were tryin' to win I'd be inclined to reward the guys shooting a lot better with more playing time. Sasser is hitting .484 from the field, with a .413 3-point. Burks .488 3-shooting is lights out! Bagley's .591 field goal rate is pretty impressive too. Not sure why Ivey isn't playing more with a .500 floor rate and .385 from the arc pace. Stewart is on a reasonable .420 3-point shooting pace too. Ivey-Sasser-Burks-Stewart-Bagley would be on the court for me. Thompson would be the all-around super sub, and Duren too would be an X-Factor that would get generous playing time as well. Cunningham would be on the trading block.

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