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The Pindown: Discussing the Lackluster Start w/Sean Corp

Lineup changes, Cade’s struggles, and more

The Pindown: A Detroit Pistons Podcast is your home for fan-driven Pistons content. Hosted by Wes Davenport, from Motor City Hoops and producer of the Pistons Pulse Podcast, and Blake Silverman, DBB’s resident draft expert. The guys bring a reasoned analysis to a uniquely interactive show.

Cade Cunningham has hit a wall. The past few games, he’s struggled to get much of anything going as defenses shift entire schemes to slow him down. Which begs the question, do the Pistons need to change the lineup? And while we’re at it, how many of Cade’s turnovers can be explained by these lineups he’s playing with? The guys also discuss the impending return of Monte Morris and what that will mean for Killian Hayes.

We’ve got you covered for all this and more in this week’s episode!

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