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Submit your questions for The Pindown: A Detroit Pistons Podcast

Tune in live Friday morning to join the conversation

It’s mailbag time. This week, Captain of the U.S.S. Detroit Bad Boys, Sean Corp, joins Wes on The Pindown: A Detroit Pistons Podcast. Please submit your question to the comments section here, or on Twitter to @TheRealWesD3 and/or @Sean_Corp.

Join Wes and Sean Friday morning where we’ll recap the past week of Pistons basketball and talk through the never-ending losing streak. Will this monkey ever get off their back? Is there any salvaging this season? Who will they target in the trade market? And more importantly, who can they actually get?

The podcast will be uploaded to all audio platforms following the live recording.

The Pindown: A Detroit Pistons Podcast Vitals:

When: Friday Dec. 29 at 10 a.m. ET

Where: Detroit Bad Boys YouTube Channel

How to submit questions:

As always, leave any questions or topics you want to be discussed in the comment section below.

Listen to the show’s recording Friday morning wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Last Week’s Show: