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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons exploring a Saddiq Bey for James Wiseman swap?

Talks ongoing and nothing imminent, would likely involve more assets, per rumors

Phoenix Suns v Detroit Pistons Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

I regret to inform you, Troy Weaver, lover of maligned centers everywhere, is at it again. At least if the latest NBA trade rumors floating around could be believed. Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports reports that the Detroit Pistons and Golden State Warriors have had discussions centered on a swap of Saddiq Bey for former No. 2 pick James Wiseman.

That report was backed up shortly after by Pistons beat writer for The Athletic James Edwards, who noted while the conversations took place, it was also predicated on additional pieces including Moody and “other stuff.”

Importantly, Edwards writes, “nothing imminent or close.”

OK, let’s take a step back. First question. Why? Second question. Whyyyyy? And I say that as a person who was never particularly high on Saddiq and someone who thinks he probably nets out as a future undersized power forward coming off the bench and hitting threes.

If this sort of deal comes to fruition, it would be the second trade deadline in as many years that Pistons GM Troy Weaver traded for a much-derided No. 2 overall pick who struggled with injuries and ineffectiveness to that point in his NBA career.

Last year it was Marvin Bagley III, and it only cost the Pistons Trey Lyles and Josh Jackson. Coincidentally enough, the Pistons’ interest in Bagley was a persistent story throughout the season with the Kings holding out for Bey before eventually relenting and taking a lesser deal to be rid of a player they didn’t plan on having on the team the next season.

Like Bagley, Wiseman has shown little in the pros, particularly on defense, and is seemingly out of the rotation and long-term plans for a competing Warriors team. Detroit rehabbed Bagley’s value in a half-season stint last year that saw his offensive effectiveness take off, but he was still a net negative player. There is no reason to think Wiseman would be any different, though he’s shown even less in the pros than Bagley up to this point.

To be clear, I think it makes sense in the right trade to move on from Saddiq. You can’t pay every young player a post-rookie deal, and Bey is a bit in between positions and his defense greatly limits his ceiling. But the Pistons already have Jalen Duren. They already have Isaiah Stewart. They sign Bagley to a three-year, guaranteed deal. They have no need or use for Wiseman.

If, as indicated by Edwards, the scope of any potential deal would be larger than just Wiseman and include Moody and “other stuff,” it makes a bit more sense. if it involves a secondary deal that would see Bagley shipped somewhere else to lessen the log-jam at center, that makes sense. If it doesn’t happen at all, that makes sense.

That’s NBA Trade Deadline day rumors for you. Only good for giving you anxiety.