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[Redacted] Basketball Podcast: Talking the future of the podcast and the present of the Pistons

Pardon our dust

Hey everyone! It’s not Laz Jackson of Detroit Bad Boys. Instead, it is Sean Corp of Detroit Bad Boys. Depending on how you receive your podcast, you might be getting a push update along with the new episode that seems a bit odd. You see, months ago our friends at SBNation decided to discontinue its NBA podcast network, and we’ve been working to regroup and figure out a path forward ever since.

You’ll hear your intrepid hosts Laz and Ben talk about it at the top of this episode. As a byproduct of the SBNation decision, we’re not allowed to monetize the podcast in the same way, and we can’t call the podcast the Detroit Bad Boys podcast or use the logo for the site in our branding anymore.

Laz and Ben have been your audio guides through some brief highs and many lows of the Detroit Pistons for years through the DBB podcast, and it dates back to way before there was even an SB Nation podcast network. We’re still determining what makes sense for everyone involved, but have no doubt that for at least the rest of the regular Pistons season, you will continue to get your weekly dose of Pistons podcasts from Laz and Ben, and in the somewhat near future we’ll even have a new name and new art to support the podcast in whatever form it lands in.

We started the podcast all those years ago, and the heavy majority of that time with Laz and Ben as your hosts because podcasting is fun and a great way to connect with the Pistons community. I certainly want that to continue, but you might notice some hiccups during this brief transition period away from the SBN Network.

Rest assured, though, while we might not be the Official (tm) Detroit Bad Boys podcast for arcane legal reasons, we are still the official Detroit Pistons podcast presented by the staff of Detroit Bad Boys. And we have more podcast and multimedia plans in the works for the offseason.

Feel free to use this space to ask any questions or provide any perspective on the podcast in its former, current or future state. A podcast is nothing without its hosts, and Laz and Ben are two of the best, and its nothing without its community, and the DBB podcast community is the best bar none.

Anyway, on this episode, Laz and Ben talk about the podcast, then transition to a bit of conversation about the current state of the Pistons. They talk about the two-big lineups, the need for more wings, and the temperature of Troy Weaver’s seat.

They also touch on some NCAA Tournament action and the guys still in action they will be watching moving forward.

As always, we appreciate your continued support of the podcast, and the best way to do that is to share, subscribe, and leave comments - please leave comments on this discussion post, that’s the best way for us to have the conversation we want to have around the podcast.

Thanks for listening, y’all. Enjoy the podcast: