2024 Pistons

As it stands, chances are pretty good that our Pistons will finish the season with the worst record in the NBA. With a little luck on our side this means that we could come out of the Draft with one of Wemby or Brandon Miller who both fit perfectly with our core of Cade/Ivey/Duren. This means that our starting unit is missing one Forward. I really like our second unit of Hayes/Burks/Bogda/Stew/Wiseman. Hampton/Livers/Bagley fill in in case of injuries.

With the cap space rising we will have north of 40 Mio. $ in Cap space to play with. Unfortunately this free Agent class ist pretty weak, but with Jerami Grant reportedly rejecting a 4 year 112 Mio. $ Deal from the Blazers I was wondering if he would be an option at 30 Mio/Year. He will turn 30 soon but he has 3 good years left in the tank for sure and would fit perfectly into a starting unit of Cade/Ivey/(Wemby/Miller)/Duren.

Would you pay that amount for Jerami?

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