Who Are the Pistons?

This site says the Pistons are bad. It's hard to disagree with that, isn't it? Maybe you could add 'Very' to emphasize that they're not just bad, but terrible.

Does having Cade Cunningham out make your team the worst in the NBA? Hmmmm, one player can't really make that much difference can it? It's hard to imagine that with his return and a new draft choice or two the team miraculously becomes a good team.

Sorry to be so down on the team, but this was a totally lost year. Troy Weaver has to do something magical or this team might have to move out of town. I mean, who wants to watch or follow them now?

Am I being disloyal, or wouldn't it be better for the franchise to get a fresh start? I bet Fort Wayne might be interested in having them back. Maybe they could move to Traverse City. TC is a winter wonder land, so if you went to a game, you could at least go skiing the next day somewhere nearby.

What do you think will happen? Will the Pistons get VW as their way to redemption? How likely is that? How likely that we win the lottery? Would VW consider sitting out if we drafted him?

Well, I said it months ago, unless we get VW I think the franchise is lost for a decade on this path to nowhere.

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