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2023 NBA Draft Prospect Review: Motor City Hoops on Taylor Hendricks, Sidy Cissoko, Brandon Miller, and Jordan Hawkins

Updates and Links to Bryce Simon - MotorCityHoops Weekly Draft Content

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Post-All-Star break means it is officially the 2023 NBA Draft season for the Detroit Pistons and for Pistons fans. In that spirit, Detroit Bad Boys is sharing weekly articles and prospect breakdowns from our own Bryce Simon, who is analyzing prospects for Sports Illustrated’s Draft Digest.

This week, Bryce explores a potential top-10 pick in Central Florida’s Taylor Hendricks and a prospect in play for the Detroit Pistons in the second round, Sidy Cissoko of the G-League Ignite.

Sidy Cissoko, G-League Ignite Wing

Sidy Cissoko may be one of the more overlooked prospects in the 2023 NBA Draft due to the fact that the No. 1 prospect, Victor Wembanyama, is also from France and his fellow Ignite teammate, Scoot Henderson, is the No. 2 prospect. He also is fighting for the second best prospect from his home country and Ignite team with Rayan Rupert and Leonard Miller. Sissoko is an intriguing 6-foot-7 wing with some scoring punch and plus passing ability. Where he will make the most immediate impact is on the defensive end where he put up an impressive two-plus “stocks” per game.

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Taylor Hendricks, Central Florida Freshman Forward

Taylor Hendricks is a sneaky name for Detroit Pistons to follow in two scenarios. First, and the less likely of the two, is the Pistons fall to No. 5 in the draft and have Hendricks in play with the other prospects in this range. Mathematically, this is a real possibility but it just seems like six or seven is the absolute ceiling for Hendricks’ range right now. Second, perhaps Troy Weaver falls in love with a second lottery prospect again this year and makes a move for Hendricks if he falls to 10 or lower. Hendricks is one of the biggest risers in this years class as a true 3-and-D prospect that knocks down shots offensively and causes all sorts of disruption on the defensive end with blocks and steals.

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Brandon Miller, Alabama Freshman Wing

The rise of Brandon Miller on NBA Draft Big Boards since the pre-season is truly remarkable and speaks to the totality of the freshman year he put together. Not only has Miller staked his claim as the No. 3 prospect in this class but in doing so has also made a run at Scoot Henderson as the consensus No. 2 prospect, something many did not think was possible. For the Detroit Pistons, specifically, there is no more seamless fit for this roster outside of No. 1 overall prospect, Victor Wembanyama. Miller would immediately fill a hole on the wing for a team looking for a young, dynamic player to grow with the explosive backcourt of Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey.

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Jordan Hawkins, Connecticut Sophomore Guard

For my money, Jordan Hawkins is the best 3-point shooter in college basketball and the 2023 NBA Draft. The overall percentages simply do not do justice what level of pressure this sophomore guard is putting on opposing defenses. He runs in transitions, relocates off the ball, sprints off a million screens and can dribble into attempts. If a defender loses track of Hawkins in any of these situations he is going to be sure to make them pay. In a league that values 3-point shooting and floor spacing as much as the NBA, it is easy to see how NBA front offices will fall in love with this prospect.

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If you want to stay up to date on all of this year’s NBA Draft prospects, you can read all of Bryce’s work for Sports Illustrated’s Draft Digest.