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DBB Live: How the Draft Affects Free Agency, Play-In next Season? And more

Tune in live Thursday at 6 p.m. ET to join the conversation

Join Wes and I Thursday night from 8 pm E.T with this week’s special guest — Detroit Bad Boys Staff Writer, Brady Fredrickson!

We’ve got plenty of Detroit Pistons and NBA Draft items to discuss on this week’s live stream, we’ll hit on:

  • How Detroits selection at pick five could affect free agency.
  • What needs to happen for the Pistons to make a Play-In push next season?
  • How realistic is a Jaylen Brown trade to Detroit is.

Be sure to leave any questions or topics you want to be discussed in the comment section below!

We’ll try to answer as many as possible while shouting out the username of each submission!

Finally, make sure you are subscribed to the Detroit Bad Boys YouTube Channel, we’ve got you covered all offseason long as Detroit enters Phase 2 of the Restoration.

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When: Thursday from 6 pm ET

Where: Detroit Bad Boys YouTube ChannelLink to Show

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