RMMMD 2023 Team Assignments

The draft will be held on June 3rd and 4th, (Saturday and Sunday), you can email me your draft board closer to the time of the draft and if you aren't around to make your pick I'll go with your board rather than auto picking from tankathon's board. Until then, happy trading!

Atlanta Hawks - AllegedlyScott

Boston Celtics - Alexfigz

Brooklyn Nets - Superbob22

Charlotte Hornets - gweaver

Chicago Bulls - JimmieWiseguy

Cleveland Cavaliers - LndnWvr

Dallas Mavericks - CWojPutt

Denver Nuggets - JSpeirs

Detroit Pistons - JSpeirs

Golden State Warriors - CF4714

Houston Rockets - Josh Abeare

Indiana Pacers - RyanCaldwell

Los Angeles Clippers - The_Weave

Los Angeles Lakers - SydneyLion

Memphis Grizzlies - Alexfigz

Miami Heat - SyndeyLion

Milwaukee Bucks - Superbob22

Minnesota Timberwolves - Bullsfan83

New Orleans Pelicans - tnumerich

New York Knicks - saftab

Oklahoma City Thunder - The_Weave

Orlando Magic - KCP for three and it's through

Philadelphia 76ers - JSpeirs

Phoenix Suns - Kevrog21

Portland Trail Blazers - Kevrog21

Sacramento Kings - AYC1982

San Antonio Spurs - BlueCanti

Toronto Raptors - Zero Darko Thirty

Utah Jazz - Andream

Washington Wizards - Team Raf

Please look over your Spreadsheets and make sure everything looks correct for your team. I have links to spotrac, the future draft picks, and player rights held included on the sheet to make it easy to verify things.

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