Monty Williams Says No Thanks

Cited at Monty Williams was offered and rejected a big money offer from the Pistons to become their new head coach. Ouch! Of course, with $20M owed Williams over the next three years it just might be he's willing to retire rather than pursue abject frustration.

Is the Piston's coaching position appealing to anyone? Anyone that hasn't coached probably drools over the opportunity to coach in the NBA. However, is anyone that has limited credentials really the right fit for the team? In my opinion we need a savvy, experienced coach that at least has led a championship caliber team in the NCAA, but ideally in the NBA.

Larry Brown was probably my least favorite Piston's coach, but you have to admit he got the team over the hump and into the championship rounds. I think he imploded on the second trip to the finals, but that's another story.

Chuck Daly, my favorite all-time Piston's coach, succeeded at High School, College, and eventually the pros. He also did a stint as a broadcast analyst which reminds me of the other Pistons' championship coach Doug Collins. It might be worth noting that a coach that can communicate to fans as well as players is a crucial element in some ways in selling a vision of the future. Of course, having been there and done that definitely helps too.

Who would I like to see be our next head coach? I wonder if that ship has sailed. I don't think the NBA game is the same from when I was immersed into it. Who is an analyst that has coached on today's broadcasts? Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber, Richard Jefferson, Reggie Miller... all former players, but not experienced coaches. Yes, Jeff Van Gundy, Hubie Brown, and perhaps somebody else are still around too, but talking about ships that have sailed.

Monty Williams probably was the right guy, but he probably would need two of him to do the job. My confidence in Troy Weaver is waning fast. My belief in the brain trust of Arn Tellem and associates is also fading. Of course, giving absolute power to the head coach as was tried with SVG didn't work out too well either.

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